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Wreath of the Month Club

Have You Ever...

  • Seen a gorgeous wreath in the store, wanted it, and thought it was WAY too expensive?

  • Wanted to make your own wreath, but you didn't know where to start?

  • Made your own wreath, but it just didn't turn out like you wanted it to?

Would You Like...

  • to learn how to pick out just the RIGHT color combination, whether it be floral or with mesh?

  • to learn how to use ribbons, what size, and what type in your creations?

  • to learn how to make bows like the pros and which tools are the best in the trade and where to find them?

  • learn how to make gorgeous wreaths from all sorts of bases (wire, diy, grapevine, foam, straw, and more?!) and have it broken down step-by-step?

  • someone to guide you, motivate and encourage you, be your sounding board, and to be your mentor?

  • someone to give you tips on how to change your hobby into a business or how to make your business more profitable? 

  • to know where to get the best prices and supplies that aren't easily found?

If you answered "YES!" to any of these questions, then Mrs. Sparkle's Wreath of the Month Circle is FOR YOU! I have over 14 years of experience teaching others, and I've even taught 10 year olds to successfully make wreaths! Still not sure? Let me share with you some of the what you'll get when you join this group.

What Does Your Membership Include?

  •  A new, professionally, recorded feature video with CLOSED CAPTIONS each month showing you, step by step, how to make that month's featured wreath. You can pause, rewind, watch it on Closed Caption while the baby sleeps!

    • A supply list that you can download for the featured wreath of the month AND where to buy the supplies.

    • Featured Wreath of the Month video tutorial

    • An opportunity to ask questions and get answers!

  • Each month, you'll also receive a pre-recorded, business-related video on a specific topic that will help you turn your hobby into a business and that will help you take your business to the next level!

    • Learn to naviate Etsy, Pinterest, and YouTube

    • Learn to do Facebook Lives, ​host workshops, get ready for your first craft fair

    • Learn to use Manychat and MailChimp to grow your business

    • Where to get the BEST shipping supplies and prices

    • How to pack and ship your creations properly

  • Access to my PRIVATE Facebook group for members only, where you'll be among individuals who want you to succeed and who will also give you encouragement and feedback to help you grow and improve.

    • A monthly, BONUS LIVE that will ONLY be available to my group. These tutorials will help you learn to make another wreath design, centerpiece, swag, garland, wreath attachments, and more! You'll also get a supply list and where to buy each item to download as well. Plus, you'll get the opportunity to ask questions during the LIVE!

  • Access to templates for designs that use templates, which is something that I only make available to the group.

  • A chance to be in the “hot seat” and have me give you constructive feedback. 

  • A list of my favorite vendors (both wholesale, retail, brick-and-mortar, online only).

  • A complete List of my FAVORITE tools and WHERE to purchase them.

  • Access to past videos 

  • Tips on choosing the right materials, colors, and designs for where your wreath will be displayed!

  • Be part of a community of like-minded designers that will give you encouragement, motivation, and inspiration. 

  • All this for as low as $13.50 per month!  

    • Discounts available when you sign up a 6-mo or 12-mo membership! 

Below are several sample photos of custom creations. Send me a color scheme, and magic happens!

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